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  • $23.95

    Beef Kabob (Koobideh) Order

    Two Skewers of Ground Beef served with Grilled Tomato and Basmati Rice with Saffron
  • $27.95

    Stew and Rice Sampler Order

    Stew of Choice Served with Baghali of Zereshk
  • $20.95

    BBQ Grilled Veggie Platter Order

    BBQ Grilled Vegetables, Salad and Variety of Mediteranian Appetizers served with Pita Bread.
  • $2.95

    Hot tea, Iced tea, Coffee Order

  • $100

    Setareh Special (Dinner For Two) Order

    One Appetizer Sampler, Four Skewer (Beef Fillet, Lamb, Koobideh, Chicken)Served with 2 plates of Basmati Rice with Saffron and Grilled Tomato
  • $11.95

    Baba Ghanush Order

    Mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, and various of seasonings.

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